SFEG – Weapons Combat System

It is complete system, founded by Richard Cotterill and Martin Medvec. SFEG includes fighting without weapons but also with any weapon at all. Principles are based on Richard Cotterill’s Balintawak concept, but it includes also shooting weapons.

The training of SFEG gives a chance to get as close to reality of fighting as possible. Attacks are real, thats why it is very often even painfull. There are involved all possible aspects of fight starting with physical training, continuing with mental training - getting through fighting situation on mental level, and many possibilities how to correctly understand and survive that fighting situation as such. In no case it is about "selfdefense". It is about explanation of highrisk situations and getting it under control in realistic way.


Tue, Wed - 18.00 - 19.00 curriclullum lesson
Tue, Wed - 19.00 - 20.30 applications in club (contact us)
Thu - 18.00 in club (invited only)
Mon - summer lesson in parks ( contact us)

Workshops - follow NEWS or FB

Individual classes - by personal contact

8.-9.2018 B3 and Balintawak with Richard Cotterill in Prague, CR
23.-24.2018 Balintawak with Bobby Taboada in Trenčín, Slovakia
20.-21.2018 B3, FCS and Balintawak with Radek Macak in Zagreb, Croatia
11.-12.2017 B3 and Balintawak with Richard Cotterill, Spain
27.-28.2017 FCS Gathering with Ray Dionaldo in Karslruhe, Germany
21.10.2017 SFEG with Martin Medvec in Trencin, Slovakia
7.-8.9.2017 FS with Ray Dionaldo in Tychy, Polsko
8.-9.7.2017 BALINTAWAK a B3 Combat System in Prague, chief instructor Richard Cotterill, CR
20.5.2017 FCS and Balintawak in Zlin, CR (Radek Macak)
12.-14.5.2017 BALINTAWAK and B3 system Budapest, HUN (Richard Cotterill)
22.4.2017 FCS and Balintawak in Brno, CR (Radek Macak)
4.12. FCS, Balintawak in Brno, CR (Radek Macak)
27.11. Balintawak in Nove Zamky, SK (Chief instructor R. Cotterill
26.11. Balintawak in Budapest, HUN (Chief instructor R.Cotterill)
12-13.11. Balintawak in Castro Urdiales, ESP (Chief instructor R.Cotterill)
28-30.10. FCS Gathering in Karlsruhe, DE (GM Ray Dionaldo)
15-16.10. FCS in Tychy,PL (GM Ray Dionaldo)
1.10. FCS in Wienna, AU (manong Radek Macak)
24-25.9. FCS/BALINTAWAK, in Trencin, SK (GM R.Dionaldo, Chief instructor R.Cotterill)

Already second seminar Balintawak a B3 System in Prague! Chief Instruktor Richard Cotterill will come again during the summer in czech republic.As always, limited space, great atmosphere, international visitors..Join in! Payment upfront means discount!

And it is on! One of the most explosive FMA system Balintawak and one of the most efficient teachers Chief instructor Richard Cotterill in first czech Balintawak seminar..Limited spaces, great people, summer in Prague..Sign in!
More info in fleyer, or here.

FCS Seminar Viden, AU!
3rd and 4th november 2015 there will be an FCS seminar with GM Ray Dionaldo in Wienna, Austria. For more info contact us or go to FB (https://www.facebook.com/events/935849179806928/).

FCS Gathering Karlsruhe,DE!
On 30.10. till 1.11.2015 there will be an FCS Gathering with GM Ray Dionaldo in Karlsruhe, DE. For more info contact us or go to FB ( https://www.facebook.com/events/849436195139265/ )

FCS Seminar Poland!
10. and 11.10.2015 there will be an seminar FCS with GM Ray Dionaldo in Tychy, Poland.For more info contact us or go to FB (https://www.facebook.com/554205797961789/photos/a.554394607942908.1073741828.554205797961789/875906159125083/?type=3&theater ).

FMA Seminar in Slovakia!
During 15-16.8. there will be an FMA seminar with Manong Martina Medvec and Manong Alexandra Pisarkin in Trencin.
Techniques of armed and unarmed fighting.
Both days 60 euro, one 40 euro.
For more info contact us or follow FB https://www.facebook.com/events/933250680047036/
Rezervation ahead is preferable,in Valhalla klub or www.sarangay.sk

29.3.2015 there will be an seminar of fighting with expendable in our club based on FMA principles(FCS a Balintawak). Seminar starts at 10.00 and ends at 15.00.

-use of closed baton
-extending under stress
-hits and blocks,locks and disarms

Batons will be availabel to borrow or buy.
Bring training clothes,your batons if you have,food.
Seminare is 600kc.
Contact us for rezervation,adress and more details.
See you!
Valhalla club

seminar BALINTAWAK !
On 16.11.2014 there is gonna be in clubu Valhalla seminar Balintawak focused on stick fighting(Fight in contact distance,reactions and reflexes,filipino "box" with stick..).
Seminar is gonna be in club from 10ti till 16ti hrs.
Price 600 kc.
Reservation is necesery,limited space!
See you!

seminar K A R A M B I T !
In 5.10.2014 there will be in Jablonec nad Nisou one day seminar of fighting with Karambit with czech representative of FCS and Balintawak Radek Macak .Seminar starts from 10 am till 16 pm, coasts 500 czk.

Quick kils

To bring:
training clothes,shoes
protectors of your choice
training weapons(you can borrow or buy on seminar too)
some to drink,eat

Maximum 12 people. Make an reservation ahead (in case of cancelation of seminar we guarantee to give your money back)!
More info here,or on contact mail,cell number in contacts,or FB
Looking forward!

FCS GATHERING in Karlsruhe 2014
19-21 of august there will be 6th gathering of FCS with Tuhon Ray Dionaldo!
Themes: stickfighting
new CV
Price: 1 day 50 euro
2 days 90 euro
Discount for members 5 euro.
For more info send us en email, FB message or give us a call.


On 15 - 16.3.2014 there is gonna be in Slovakia seminar of Balintawak with master Richard Cotterill.
Schuedle is 10-12hrs a 14-16hrs.
Adress: Nové Zámky
Janosikova 1
Contakt: Kristian Bednarik

Closest oportuniy to meet Tuhon Dionaldo is 11th and 12th of May in Trencin,Slovakia..www.sarangay.sk
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